Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Cave of The Chinese Skeletons

Curt Stone #1: “The Cave of The Chinese Skeletons” by Jack Seward. The Army CIC has information that somewhere in the mountains of Japan is a cave containing gold, silver, paintings, and other treasure secreted by the Japanese at the end of the war. Army Counter Intelligence Corpse is aware that the Chinese intelligence is also looking for it. The Japanese officer who hid the treasure was tortured and killed by the Chinese, but CIC doesn’t believe they forced the location from the officer before he died. They put one of their agents on the case, and hire Curt Stone to investigate for them, offering a piece of the bounty when he brings it in. It’s a pretty good story, but again not as much action and fun as the Burns Bannion series. It’s still a fun read, but Stone should have been tougher.

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