Saturday, June 14, 2014

Curt Stone #3

Curt Stone #3: “The Frogman Assassination” by Jack Seward. A Japanese ex CIC agent has gone over to the Chinese, and attempts to assassinate the Japanese Emperor; instead he kills the Japanese Prime Minister. Colonel Gilbert of CIC wants Stone to find the killer, nicknamed Pork, and kill him. It isn’t an easy task, as Pork was a shrewd agent, and knew how to avoid capture. However, he had a couple Achilles heels, one being good whiskey, the other blonde white girls. Stone puts his network of contacts on the lookout in the bar districts, using a couple blondes as bait. This was another good story, a little better than the first two, but Curt Stone is not as tough as our other Tokyo private eye, Burns Bannion. Maybe he should have hired Bannion to do the job. A fun read, regardless.

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