Friday, June 20, 2014

The Bamboo Bomb

Mark Hood #2: “The Bamboo Bomb” by James Dark (James E. MacDonnell). Rumors of an atomic bomb force Intertrust to send Mark Hood to the Malay Archipelago in the Java Seas, where the bomb might be detonated. He sets himself up in Singapore as a no good bum who might be willing to kill for money. He’s approached by someone who does want a person assassinated, then he’s taken to Krakatoa by the powers behind the bomb to witness the detonation and asked to let the world know, but Mark has orders to destroy the bomb if it exist; if it doesn’t he is supposed to prove to the world they don’t have the bomb. Either way, he could end up dead. It’s a good story, but too many minor characters get him where he’s going, and then are forgotten. Plus, a master of karate, he’s up against a man considered a professor in the martial art. We expect a big fight between Mark and the deadly foe, but the finish is a let down. Still, it’s a fun read.

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