Friday, May 30, 2014

Curt Stone #2 The Eurasian Virgins

Stone #2: “The Eurasian Virgins” by Jack Seward. An American heiress, who wants him to find her brother’s out-of-wedlock daughter, contacts Curt Stone. Gail Owen wasn’t aware of the child until her parents died. The girl, Rose Hasegawa, is now 16, and has been taken by a Japanese gang working the flesh market for young virgins. Stone puts his Far East Investigations to work on the case, and he personally looks for the girl. A good story, but the author tries to teach the reader the Japanese language and culture, often including the English interpretation after the Japanese dialogue, slowing the pace of the story drastically. This would be okay if the reader was learning Japanese, but isn’t a good idea for a fiction novel. Unfortunately, there is very little action in this novel. Published during the same period as Earl Norman’s Burns Bannion, it lacked the fun and karate action that Bannion brought the reader. Still, it is a good plot.

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