Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Dragon's Eye

The Dragon’s Eye by Scott C.S. Stone. Michael Hawkins, a freelance reporter was tired of wars and death. Beginning in Korea, and then in Vietnam, after one of his friends, Jerry Ward, died when a soldier stepped on a land mine, Mike gave it all up. Moving to Hawaii, he was learning to surf when another friend turned up at his door. Leslie Trent, like Hawkins and Ward was a reporter in Asia, but now it appears he tuned spy. An Englishman who had gone over to communism wanted to defect from China, and asked to be brought to America, with his lovely Chinese wife. But he would only do so with the help of Hawkins, who he had met during the Korean peace talks in 1952. Against his better judgment, Hawkins agrees, and goes with Trent to Asia, where they have stops in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Their mission appears to be compromised from the very beginning, as the enemy agents seem to know their every move, and friendly agents die before they ever reach the Englishman and his wife. And once they do, it could well mean their own death. This was a very good story set in Asia, and the author must have known the area well, as he wrote of it with great detail of accuracy.

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