Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Girl Factory #3

The Girl Factory #3: “The Man-Made Woman” by Robert Franklin Murphy. Wu Cho knows the secret of cloning, and Li’ Kahn wants the knowledge, for she is a clone herself, and the half-sister of Su Lin Kelly, and also trained at Shan Tal. In order to obtain the information, Wu Cho hires Li’ Kahn to capture Dham D’hab, the Holy Lama of a Tibetan village. But Su-Lin Kelly is determined to stop her, knowing that one of them must die. This was the final story in the series, and again had a neat plot, and good action. However, all the crazy sex came at distracting moments, and wasn’t necessary to the story. I still think this would have been a better series, if written straight, instead of aimed at young boys just reaching their puberty. As it was, the series is a fun read.

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