Saturday, November 8, 2014

Assignment: Burma Girl

Sam Durell #14: “Assignment Burma Girl” by Edward S. Aarons. Emmett Claye and Paul Hartford had fought side by side against the Japanese in the jungle of Burma twenty years before, but it was always thought that Emmett had died there. Emmett and his sister, Eva, came from the hills of coal miners, and were poor, but eventually Eva inherited a hundred million dollars from their uncle, now she wants to find the grave of Emmett. She forces her husband Paul Hartford to go into the jungle to find the grave, though she really believes her brother is still alive. When Paul disappears in the jungle, General McFee send Durell to find him, and if possible kill Major Mong, the rebel terror controlling the jungle of Burma. This was another great assignment for Durell, and one of torture and killing, and traitors. A fun read.

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