Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kill Me In Tokyo

Kill Me In Tokyo by Earl Norman (Norman Thompson) from 1958. This novel kicked off the Burns Bannion series, though the karate champ didn't catch on until the 1960s. Only nine thrill-packed stories were published by Berkley, followed by Erle Editions in Japan. After nine stories set in Japan, Norman changed the locale to Hong Kong, and published a final novel, Hang Me In Hong Kong, featuring a new character named Rick Shaw.

I have the complete Burns Bannion series, but lacking the 10th, featuring Rick Shaw. I hope this Blog will bring other fans together. If anyone has the Rick Shaw story, I would love to read it, even a photocopy or pdf. I have Links posted to Yahoo Groups for discussion, or leave your comments here.

Although I do have thousands of comic books and paperbacks for trade, I don’t have any duplicates of the Earl Norman books. If anyone has access to duplicates, you might let other fans know. I will be glad to pass the word.


  1. I totally dig Burns Bannion, I need Kill Me in Roppongi and Yokosuka.

  2. I'm hoping to find duplicates, Glen. Surely they are out there. We just have to keep looking. In the meantime, I'm still hoping we can work something out on brand new volumes with multiple novels per volume.