Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kill Me In Shinjuku

Here is Berkley’s #4 in the Burns Bannion series, “Kill Me In Shinjuku”. Following is a listing of the titles in order.

1)   Kill Me In Tokyo (character Burns Bannion)
2)   Kill Me In Shimbashi (character Burns Bannion)
3)   Kill Me In Yokohama (character Burns Bannion)
4)   Kill Me In Shinjuku (character Burns Bannion)
5)   Kill Me In Yoshwara (character Burns Bannion)
6)   Kill Me In Atami (character Burns Bannion)
7)   Kill Me On The Ginza (character Burns Bannion)
8)   Kill Me In Yokosuku (character Burns Bannion)
9)   Kill Me In Roppongi (character Burns Bannion)
10)                   Hang Me In Hong Kong (character Rick Shaw)

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