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The Earl Norman books are becoming extremely rare, and publishers don’t seem to be interested in reprinting the series. The only way some of us may ever have all the stories is for collectors to scan and type the stories into PDF to swap with other collectors. I have already completed PDFs of HANG ME IN HONG KONG and KILL ME IN ROPPONGI. I am working on KILL ME IN YOKOSUKA. If other collectors would do the same for some of the other books, we could eventually have PDFs of all ten books. Why not help? I can be contacted at fadingshadows40@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Share A Crooked Rickshaw

Rick Donovan is having a tough time. First a fellow Hong Kong police officer goes missing, then a friend is killed, and that's only the beginning.  Finding love amid the chaos was an unexpected bonus, then that too is in peril as the dangers spill out of control.

Share A Crooked Rickshaw (International Thriller)
By Norman Price
Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN #978-1482391497
Price $10.15
268 Pages
Rating 5-Stars

"A Fascinating Story, And Very Enjoyable."

It’s the 1960s Hong Kong, and Chief Inspector Rick Donovan, of the Shaun-Shui-Po police department is leading a raid on a drug house when one of the perps, a Chinese, a killed by one of the officers. Found in the perp’s pocket is a wallet containing the warrant card of a fellow officer. He is told to look into the evidence, and attempts to contact the officer, but learns from his wife that her husband has been missing for several days. Further investigation becomes even more clouded when the officer doesn’t show up for work. Has he turned, and is working with the Triads, or have they murdered him? To make matters worse, Rick has fallen for the man’s wife, and they begin an affair.

More problems arise when gangster disguised as police set up a road check and rob an army bank run, killing the guards, then a smoke bomb is discovered on a tram, and inside is a demand for one billion American dollars, or a dirty bomb will be detonated over Hong Kong. Both seem connected to the missing officer. But everything goes awry when a typhoon approaches Hong Kong.

This was a fascinating story, and very enjoyable. The author ties the whole plot into the Rachael typhoon of the period, and works it into the plot. There was a neat twist at the end, which was totally unexpected, but I definitely liked. Highly recommended. PULP DEN

Tom Johnson


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