Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tokyo Kill

Jim Brodie #2: “Tokyo Kill” by Barry Lancet. During WWII, Japanese soldiers occupying China hid the Last Emperor’s treasure, then it disappeared. Now, it appears some of the missing items have surfaced, and people are being murdered for the information. When an ex-Japanese soldier seeks help from Brodie Security, Jim Brodie reluctantly takes the case, not sure what his people can do. Some of the old soldiers are being murdered, along with their families, and he thinks he’s next. Putting guards on the old soldier, he’s shocked and amazed when the old man’s son is murdered. The signs point to Chinese Triads, but the Chinese say it’s not them. When Brodie breaks into a local Kendo club the son belonged to, he is attacked by men wearing masks, and beaten badly, throwing some suspicion on the martial arts club. Then he hears about a mysterious Japanese secret society called Black Wind that operated in China during the war.
This sequel to “Japantown” is another fast paced thriller with good action and mystery, and a nice twist at the end. I like the idea of these secret societies trained in killing techniques, and Japan seems to be filled with such groups. We get a lesson in Japanese and Asian culture, without it distracting from the pace of the story, and the author continues to introduce fascinating characters that I want to see more of, like the high ranking Chinese spy, and, of course, the new love interest for Jim Brodie. The story is not stuck in Japan, but moves to Miami and a South American country for the final confrontation with a sword-wielding master. Great action, good plot, and interesting characters. What more could the reader ask for? Highly recommended.

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