Sunday, August 31, 2014

Throne of Satan

Mark Hood #7: “Throne of Satan” by James Dark (James E. MacDonnell). The story starts off as a case has come to a close. Mark Hood and Tommy Tremayne have stopped Borja, a scientists, from stockpiling nuclear bomb material on an island. Hood transfers the material to a waiting ship while Tremayne remains with Bprja on another boat. Borja escapes and captures Tommy, then a submarine appears and picks them up, and they are taken to a volcanic island called Dominica. Hood soon finds a planted clue and heads for the island with Murimoto, his Japanese karate trainer. They are captured and taken before the giant Dominat; a man standing at least seven feet tall, with the build and strength of Hercules, and the genius of Einstein. Dominat has created scientific gadgets and machines that make him a literal superman, plus he has a huge missile in the volcano aimed at America. It’s evident that he wants to take over the world. This was one of the best of the Mark Hood stories, and it was good to see Murimoto in action instead of Hood this time. Unfortunately, several of the Mark Hood stories have dealt with the same plot, just a variance of each.

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