Saturday, February 22, 2014


Tongking! By Dan Cushman. Rocky Forbes, a soldier of fortune in the East receives an unsigned message to come to Bangkok for a job. When he arrives he finds his old nemesis, Fatto Kolski, who left him without pay once before. But Fatto promises to make it up to Rocky this time, with a big gun shipment to Chinese rebels. An American woman named Lena Halthuss worked up the deal, but it looks like she and Rocky may end up dead at the end of the journey. Cushman’s Eastern tales are all very similar. The lone hero, a ne’er do well himself, ends up saving the girl at the end, and she falling in love with him. The main villain is another white man, who is even a worse character than our hero. But in all, the tales are always fun, with fast action, and lots of dead Chinese. Dan Cushman got his start in pulp magazines, writing for JUNGLE STORIES and ADVENTURE, most featuring a tough character named Armless O’Neil. 

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