Monday, July 16, 2012

Kill Me In Shimbashi

Burns Bannion #2: “Kill Me In Shimbashi” by Earl Norman (Norman Thompson). Inspector Ezawa comes down hard on Bannion, and demands that he becomes legal or ship back to the states. So now he has to enroll in the university as a student, plus get the proper cards and papers to remain in Japan. To solve his money problems, he has business cards printed, declaring him a private detective, only the cards read ‘pirate’ detective; never mind, a marine sergeant hires him to find the Peking Man. This gives him a job, with money coming in, and plenty of karate and danger. The author’s writing is tighter in this second novel, and is another action-packed case for the self-styled private detective as he makes the rounds of Japanese bars and lots of girls! Top notch.

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